We are a Translation Agency .We can provide sworn legal translations  and non official translations i.e  of letters, contracts, agreements, forms, school reports etc,

Translation of non official documents

We offer rapid and professional service, we can deliver an accurate and coherent translation, on time and at a reasonable price.

We can type letters in both English and Spanish. Help you with Spanish Forms / Letters / Applications etc. We can translate legal documents such as your compraventa or escritura or translate your Curriculum Vitae into another language for a job application or simply write a note to your neighbour.

Sworn Translation of Documents/Traducción Jurada. Apostille.

We can arrange sworn translations of British birth/death/marriage/divorce certificates etc. Some documents are also required to have an Apostille from the country of origin before being translated. We can also help you obtain an apostille.

Our official translations are always performed by a certified translator (traductor jurado) who is registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación) and who can do the job properly, in a confidential manner, so that you can get on with your paperwork and be confident there will be no further confusion.


We offer verbal, on-the-spot interpreting between you and your bank manager, the teacher, the police, the plumber or carpenter, your neighbour, the shop owner or the owner of the property you want to buy. We can accompany you to the doctors, school etc.

If you find that you cannot make yourself understood, you can call us, where ever you might be, and we can translate by phone. You can call us in to deal with any situation where there is a lack of language and understanding, either in the office at a pre-arranged meeting, on site or in a neutral place. In short, where it is important to understand clearly what the other person is saying and relay your answers accurately, you can bring us in on the job.

We have the experience and tact to deal with any situation in a sensitive way and our aim is always to promote understanding between cultures, whilst respecting confidentiality.