Setting up a Business. Renting Out your Property. Setting up an Association and Applying for Grants

If you wish to set up a business and become self employed  ‘autonomo’ come to us for advise as to how to go about this.

There are often subsidies and grants available for setting up a new business . Come in and talk to us if you are interested in setting one up or are interested in understanding how the process works.

If you wish to rent a property Short Term you will need to register with “Turismo.” Please come into the office and we can help you with this. There are various categories that you can rent your property under, and it is best to be informed of the possibilities. Failure to register with Turismo can result in getting a heavy fine.

If you wish to rent your property Long Term you will need to get an Energy Efficiency Certificate.

Help with setting up an association We know how to set up an Association, Local or National, Environmental or Neighbourhood. Associations have a lot of power in Spain and there are clear benefits in setting one up.

Come in to talk with us if you would like more information.


Grants –Children in higher education are often legible for a grant. Come in and we can help you to apply.