Vehicle Importation & Registration

If you are resident in Spain you will need to have a Spanish car. The Gaurdia Civil and the Policia Local have been stopping foreign registered cars . If you do not have an equivalent of the Spanish ITV and you are not paying road tax in the the country of origin then they can impound your car. They have also been fining those who don’t have a Spanish driving license or don’t have the extra paper with the driving license.

Do you wish to import your car to Spain? Do you need to know how much this will cost and the paperwork that is required? Leave it to us. With your car documentation we can work out the cost and then you can decide if the process is viable.

If you are recently resident in Spain you can import a car without having to pay import taxes. You will need to be able to produce a certificate from the tax authority from your country of origin saying that you are no longer tax resident in that country.