Legalization of Buildings/Land size

We work closely with an architect, local Town Halls, provincial and environmental authorities to sort out all manner of problems. We can tell you what options you have and the costs of these rectifications.

We can provide you with the most up to date information for your particular case.

Alteration of land/building sizes on deeds

In the Alpujarra region it is very common that the land size on your deeds and the land size on the ‘catastro’ do not match up. In the past this was deliberately done to avoid paying taxes. Today, however, it is important to have them all correct. We can help you correct any discrepancies that you have.

Legalising existing buildings depends on where the land and buildings are, how old they are and, in most cases, how much land belongs to the “finca” (farm).

This often means installing a new septic tank.

If you need a helping hand to guide you through the legalisation of your property or if you have any other questions about planning, come in and see us or phone us at Alpujarra Conect and we can speak with you and consult our architect, Paco Carmona on your behalf.