Apply and Submit Plans

We work with an architect who is experienced in applying for projects of all type and scale. We can give you quotes explain the costs and the processes fully.

Orgiva, the Alpujarra, and indeed a lot of the south of Spain, has many illegal buildings, and the Ayuntamiento i.e the local council, and the main government in Granada have put into place strict guidelines for new planning laws.

If you are considering buying property or own a property in the Alpujarras and wish to look at what may be possible for reforming it, then good advice now will save you problems in the future.

Alpujarra Conect has helped many people when they were thinking of buying or were looking at what is possible with the property they already have.

Paco Carmona, our Spanish architect, will be able to give you guidelines, and will be able to talk to the planning officer at the Town Hall to see what is possible so that you are equipped with the right information before you go ahead.

The team at Alpujarra Conect is on your side. We will give you help and advice that may save you much heartache and shattered dreams in the future.