Although surveying fees will increase the purchase cost, this sum is a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind, compared to the expense of trying to sort out unexpected difficulties in the future. It also makes sense to know exactly what you are buying.

Our architect, Paco Carmona, will be able to identify signs of damage or causes for concern. Finding out about these potential problems at an early stage of buying may even help the renegotiation of a cheaper sales price to reflect the cost of repairs.

Before you go ahead and buy, you want to know about the quality of the structure of the building and the materials used, how long it will last, and what the legal possibilities are for building more. Don’t get the nasty surprise that you can’t extend as you wanted to, or that before you can do the work to turn it into your dream home, you will have to urgently repair the leaking roof or shore up some cracks that have suddenly appeared as the building wasn’t “earthquake-proof”.

Or that you cannot extend or even legalise the building that already exists.…

Those who are looking to purchase land to build on, or those looking to modernise an old building, will have to comply with the new stricter planning rules. Talk to us so that you have a better idea about what will be possible. Our architect can provide you with a tailor-made report on what the local authorities are more likely to grant building permission for.