Writing a Living Will

Writing a Living Will in Spain. ‘Declaración de Voluntad Vital Anticipada’

If you think your health will affect your ability to make decisions in the future, you can make an advance decisions about medical treatment. This can detail treatments and interventions that you would like to refuse, including one saying you don’t want treatment to keep you alive under certain circumstances.

Come into the office and find out about making a living will.

In order for a living will to be valid you must comply with the following details:
• are 18 or over and be of sound mental health.
• have set out exactly which treatments you don’t want in future (if you don’t want life-saving treatment, your decision must be signed and witnessed)
• have explained the circumstances under which you would want to refuse this treatment
• have made the advance decision without any harassment by, or under the influence of, anyone else

We can help you fill in the forms and ensure that your wishes are registered correctly.