Preparing a Will

If you own property or assets in Spain, you should have a Spanish will as it is an expensive and slow process to get a foreign will recognised in Spain (it takes time and additional expense – the services of a lawyer with expertise in international probate issues is required).

Obtaining a Spanish will is relatively simple and inexpensive, and avoids lots of future problems. We will provide you with a questionnaire in English to fill in, this will then be translated into Spanish for the Notary, and then we will take you to her office to sign. In doing so, you will safeguard your assets for your family and friends and avoid the intervention of the Spanish state.

It is important ensure that your English will does not revoke your Spanish one (which it could do according to English law,) by signing the Spanish will after the English one, or by stating in your English will that your Spanish assets are covered by your Spanish will.