Power of Attorney

You may have just decided to buy a property and then realise that you cannot make the signing in front of the Notary, or you might need someone to pay your taxes and wind up your affairs once you have sold your property.

In either case, you can leave a power of attorney to someone you know, or alternatively, to us at Alpujarra Conect. We offer a trustworthy service whereby you can sign a power of attorney so that we can act on your behalf when you are not in Spain.

We can organise this through the Notary here in Órgiva. It is generally possible to get this signed either on the same day or within the week. We hold power of attorneys for a number of our clients who have found it an easy solution to the organisation of their affairs. The power can be easily revoked once all the work has been done.

We can also write up Bilingual Powers of Attorney for you to sign in the UK. These are valid in Spain with an Apostille.
Please come into the office or email us for more information