New Laws

New laws in Spain include:

2011, Spain’s smoking ban came into force making it illegal to smoke in indoor public places i.e. bars, restaurants, airports, shopping centres etc. Smoking is also illegal outside hospitals, schools and children’s play parks.

Fines for breaking these laws range from €30 to €600 and are being strictly enforced.

To be aware of:

There are also strict controls on drinking and sexual activity in public places, including beaches, where regulations have increased significantly. Fines range from €30-€1,500.

Speed Limit
The  speed limit on motorway was 110 km until 31 July. It has now reverted to 120Km. Spain now has quite a lot of  speeding cameras and controls.

Vehicle checks
Try to carry all vehicle documentation with you at all times.
If you wear glasses, you should keep a spare pair in the car.
You should have spare bulbs in the car.
It is also obligatory to have 2 warning triangles in the car and 2 florescent jackets.

You can only legally drive a foreign plated car in Spain for 3 months. After this time you have to import the vehicle.