Alpujarra Conect

Translation & General Help Agency, Orgiva, Las Alpujarras, Granada, Spain

Alpujarra Conect Offers you the solutions you need when you are living in Spain or moving to Spain. We have been established for 20 years and have helped many people settle in Órgiva and the surrounding Alpujarra region.

We are a team of committed professionals who work as intermediaries in your relations with official bodies, taking away the stress that can occur when living or staying in a foreign country.

We offer all the services that will allow you to establish your new life in Andalucía. Helping with all the legal aspects of buying and selling properties, planning permissions, obtaining N.I.E numbers and residency, setting up bank accounts, mortgages, and writing your Spanish will. We offer a full service and we are always available for individual requirements.

Save yourself the time and the worry, as well as the communication problems with the new language (and Spanish laws), by using our Alpujarra Conect services in Orgiva.

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Phone 958 784595 or email us on

Visit us in Órgiva’s main Plaza
Calle Sierra Nevada 2,º2, 18400, ORGIVA (Granada), Andalucia, Spain

Office opening times Monday- Friday 9.00 am- 2.00pm

The Alpujarra Conect team is always available for impartial, friendly advice!






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